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Available RSS feeds from FOX61.com

About RSS

RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a format that enables web sites to share headlines and other content. FOX61.com offers several different RSS feeds for use in news readers. These RSS feeds include a headline, short summary, and a link back to FOX61.com for the entire article. FOX61.com currently uses the RSS 2.0 standard.

How do I get RSS

First you'll need an RSS reader. There are several free versions available and some of the newer browsers incorporate RSS readers into the browser. The easiest way to find an RSS reader would be to select from the list that Google approves.

What are the terms of use?

The FOX61.com feeds in the RSS format are provided free of charge for use by individuals for personal, non-commercial uses. The information we collect may be collected directly by us, or it may be collected by a third-party website hosting provider, or another third-party service provider, on our behalf. Attribution to FOX61.com must be provided in connection with your use of the feeds. If you provide this attribution in text, please use: "FOX61.com". If you provide this attribution with a graphic, please use the FOX61.com logo that we have included in the feed itself. We reserve all rights in and to the FOX61.com logo, and your right to use the FOX61.com logo is limited to providing attribution in connection with these RSS feeds.

By using the FOX61.com RSS news feed, you agree to be bound by the FOX61.com Terms and Conditions. FOX61.com reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use and the Terms of Service referenced above from time to time and without notice. FOX61.com reserves the right to cease offering these feeds at any time or require you to cease distributing these feeds at any time for any reason.

To request permission to make commercial use of the FOX61.com RSS feeds, please contact us. FOX61.com will consider such submitted requests, but is not obligated to grant any specific permission request.

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